‘We need both blue and green hydrogen. It’s all hands on deck’: DNV’s Eriksen

September 7, 2021

The ramp up of clean hydrogen production to decarbonise the world’s heavy industry and aviation, shipping and long-haul trucking sectors, which together account for some 35% of global CO2 emissions, stands among the “greatest challenges” of the energy transition, believes Remi Eriksen, CEO of DNV.

According to the consultancy, which this week released its latest Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), global hydrogen production for use in the energy sector is “currently negligible” and will only start to scale from the late 2030s, meeting 5% of global energy demand by mid-century – a far cry from levels needed to help meet emissions reductions goals set by the Paris Agreement.

“Maybe we can get to 70% of global energy demand from electricity [from renewables], but the remaining [percentage] is to come from something else – 10% we believe will come from bio-energy, which leaves 20% to come from hydrogen and H2 products, such as ammonia and e-fuels,” Eriksen said, speaking to Recharge ahead of the launch of the ETO.

“This is where we are furthest behind – that remaining 20-30% – and that is why we need strong incentives in many forms, to develop the hydrogen economy.”

Hydrogen, DNV stresses in the ETO, is seen as “the main decarbonisation alternative” for the so-called ‘hard to abate’ sectors, with biofuels in a supporting role, mainly in aviation. But direct hydrogen use is often “not suitable”, and ships and aircraft require hydrogen derivatives and e-fuels such as ammonia and synthetic jet fuel.

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