Viewpoint: Texas can be a hydrogen winner

April 23, 2021

We’ve won before.

In 1901, oil was first discovered in Texas. Thanks to a natural abundance of underground oil and
gas, Texas became a major energy state.

Late in the last century, wind power was growing globally and California established the first
major U.S. wind farm. Folks in West Texas decided there was a win for them in wind. Today, Texas
produces more electricity from wind than any other state.

Fracking opened Texas reserves of natural gas when the world wanted to reduce carbon emissions. So less-costly, cleaner natural gas replaced coal. Texas now has the largest natural gas production
capability in the U.S.

Another opportunity is here — hydrogen.

Today, the world assumes that hydrogen will be the next big thing in energy. And governments in
Europe and Asia are investing tens of billions of dollars so it happens in their backyard.

Hydrogen can be carbon-free and has many uses. In transportation, a delivery truck with a hydrogen fuel cell and batteries can run most routes with similar loads as diesel trucks, but with water as the only emission. This cannot be done with batteries alone. In addition, there is no long vehicle-charging time because the fuel cell uses hydrogen to charge the batteries while driving.

Hydrogen can be mixed in pipelines with natural gas, making natural gas cleaner.

Industrial processes can be decarbonized. In fact, the largest use of hydrogen in the U.S. today is in petrochemical processing, a major Texas industry.

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