Pacific Northwest renewable hydrogen action plan to develop a hydrogen economy

May 24, 2021

A hydrogen economy and ecosystem with policy, projects and research is set to be developed in the Pacific Northwest region of the US following the release of a renewable hydrogen action plan.

The plan synthesises insights from experts and outlines a set of actions that will put the Northwest region on a shared path forward to build a powerhouse renewable hydrogen sector.

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) released the Pacific Northwest Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan in collaboration with the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance.

Renewable hydrogen has been identified as a means to significantly decarbonise sectors in the Pacific Northwest and its production could also generate jobs and economic value for the region.

The Action Plan makes two calls to action, backed by input from nearly 50 thought leaders and industry experts.

The first call to action is to lead with projects that produce hydrogen and deliver it to customers, the second being to create a 10-Year roadmap that lays out renewable hydrogens role in the optimised energy portfolio of the future, and the steps to get there.

Rhys Roth, the plan’s primary author and founder of CSI, said, “The purpose of the Action Plan is to accelerate the deployment of RH2 in the Pacific Northwest, and realise the climate, economic, environmental and social benefits that RH2 offers the region and the planet.”

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