Hydrogen’s time to shine: Why more momentum and focus is key

March 15, 2021

It’s an almost overwhelming time to be in the hydrogen sector and even speaking with many in the industry, the common consensus is one of awe at how much the momentum has ramped up since 1st January alone. But to continue my earlier analogy, we now need to put our shades on and brace for that sun to shine even brighter. We need more; more of everything.

There’s momentum too in the scale and scope of companies entering the hydrogen space, and the projects that are being announced. Each and every day in 2021 seems to mark a joyous new dawn in project activity, like never before. Is it enough? Not yet; we need more players, more partnerships across those players, and for that spirit of collaboration to manifest in even more projects globally.

Above all, there is more concentrated focus required across the landscape from the political scene and policymaking through to equipment innovation and manufacture, to ensure that this phenomenal wave of momentum isn’t lost. That’s not being ungrateful for the progress made to date; it’s about keeping the pressure on, keeping the investment flowing and tightening up on a path forward that is focused and harmonised in making the right investments and the policy shifts that matter. This is a matter of direction, of aligning the masses of stakeholders to leverage the right opportunities. It is perhaps about a sense of quality as much as quantity now.

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