Hydrogen: Where the Building Trades and Climate Goals Meet

April 21, 2021

Joe Biden, like many Democratic presidents before him, brought together a winning, diverse coalition of voters that included, among other groups: progressives, moderates, environmentalists, and labor unions.

Any big-tent coalition is going to have a diverse set of opinions on achieving our shared goals. When it comes to tackling climate change and securing our energy future, this coalition is no different.

But we can all agree on one technology that will help us reach our shared climate goals while creating good-paying and family-sustaining jobs in the process: hydrogen.

A versatile and safe energy carrier, hydrogen is a critical domestic resource that can help our nation lower emissions and achieve our net-zero goals. Hydrogen supports the large-scale integration of renewables into our nation’s grid system and helps decarbonize transportation, commercial and residential heating, and some of the toughest-to-eliminate emissions in various sectors and industries.

On top of all of that, hydrogen can be blended with natural gas for use in our nation’s existing pipeline network. This already-existing infrastructure means hydrogen can travel from production centers to end users, reducing carbon intensity and emissions along the way.

And that’s why President Biden included hydrogen investments in his American Jobs Plan. He understands that leveraging existing resources and infrastructure can provide the boost the hydrogen industry needs to address climate change and create jobs.

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