Hydrogen fuel cells could be the future of the military (and everyone else)

January 5, 2022

If you look around at the evolving state of the automotive industry, it’s easy to see that electric motors are quickly gaining traction. Personal electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular while electric commercial vehicles are being touted as the future of delivery and transportation services. However, the majority of these futuristic vehicles are limited by the speed at which they charge. Simply put, even the most advanced and efficient superchargers can’t match the speed of sticking a fuel hose in your car and filling up in just a few minutes. Swapping battery packs is a potential solution, but can be cumbersome, wasteful, and expensive. It’s for this reason that electric vehicles just don’t fit in the fast-paced, logistically intensive world of the military. But what if they could be fueled faster? Enter the hydrogen fuel cell.

Just because a vehicle is driven by an electric motor does not necessarily mean it has to be limited by the time it takes to charge its battery. What if the electric motor could be powered by electricity generated onboard the vehicle? And what if the fuel for generating this electricity could be pumped aboard the vehicle at the same rate as regular gasoline or diesel? This is one of the major benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell compared to traditional electric batteries.

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