Hydrogen Forward Launches “United States Of Hydrogen” Tool

November 10, 2021

Interactive map to highlight abundance of hydrogen deployments, research projects, and opportunities across the country

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hydrogen Forward, an initiative focused on advancing decarbonized hydrogen development in the United States, today published a new tool highlighting the abundance of hydrogen deployments, research projects, and opportunities across the country. The interactive map is a tangible way to visualize the investments in, and progress of, hydrogen technologies to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Representatives from countries across the globe are meeting at COP26 to discuss worldwide climate initiatives, and hydrogen is a key part of the conversation as a resource to lower emissions and as a job producer on our path to net-zero.

The companies that comprise Hydrogen Forward continue to lead the path toward widespread adoption of hydrogen solutions, as illustrated by their investments noted across the United States of Hydrogen map. While this map is not exhaustive, the coalition will update it over time to ensure it is reflective of the latest investments in hydrogen. We encourage anyone aware of additional hydrogen deployments, research projects, or opportunities, to fill out the form on the Hydrogen Forward website to be added to the map.

To learn more, please visit the map here.

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