Zero Emissions Vehicles At Scale: Steps To Replace Fossil Fuel Vehicles With Battery-Electric, Part 2

To transition America’s passenger car and commercial vehicle fleets to anywhere near 100 percent Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) by 2050, is the answer for America a complete conversion to battery-electric vehicles? Or a portfolio approach that includes vehicles powered by internal combustion (ICE), gas-electric hybrid, battery-electric (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell? And are there significant societal benefits beyond lowering carbon production if Diesel fuel is eliminated from commercial fleets?

“As you pointed out, if you convert gasoline to electricity, look at all the gigawatts,” says Bob Wimmer, Director of the Energy Environmental Research Group at Toyota North America. “Scale of the challenge is one of the drivers to this thought process that you really need a portfolio approach.”

“You can produce hydrogen from wind or solar. Or renewable natural gas, like captured methane from farms, agricultural processes,” says Wimmer.

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