US policy, electrolysers and transportation discussed at Hydrogen Forward roundtable event

Hydrogen Forward brought together several leading members of North America’s hydrogen community to a roundtable webinar to discuss key aspects to the hydrogen tradition in the US.

Hosted by Jeff Bechdel of FTI Consulting, the roundtable brought Dave Edwards, Director of Air Liquide, Paul Wilkins, Vice-President of Federal Policy of Bloom Energy and Yuval Steiman, Director of Eco-Compliance at Hyundai Motor America together to discuss hydrogen.

Dave Edwards touched upon the fact that hydrogen has been identified as a key part of the Biden Administration’s energy transition.

Despite this, there needs to be the correct legality framework in place that promotes the growth of hydrogen and encourages private investments to scale production and adoption.

For this to happen, a new roadmap needs to be implemented in addition to policies that help ‘de-risk’ hydrogen adoption.

Edwards also suggested that the hydrogen ‘rainbow’ should not be the priority but the amount of carbon in the hydrogen samples should be indicating that Air Liquide looks to optimise contemporary technology to achieve the greatest reduction of carbon.

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