Toyota Motor North America: Committed to hydrogen fuel cell electric technology

6,600 – that’s the approximate number of sold or leased hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirari’s in California to date.

An impressive figure for the vehicle manufacturer that this year launched its second-generation Mirai as it once again strengthened its commitment to alternative fuels.

In light of mounting global environmental issues, Toyota Motor North America is continuing to take measures to achieve net zero carbon emissions and make a positive environmental impact.

The Mirai, a signature innovation for the company, is just one development at the heart of such commitment, with Toyota openly expressing its passion and commitment for hydrogen.

Speaking to H2 View recently, Amy Ryan, Senior Engineer in the Fuel Cell Development Department of Toyota Motor North America Research and Development, dived deeper into the company’s passion and explained why hydrogen and Toyota go hand-in-hand.

“Toyota is committed to hydrogen fuel cell-electric technology because it is a clean, versatile, and scalable electrification platform that can meet a broad range of our customers’ mobility needs with zero emissions,” Ryan explained.

2015 was when Toyota’s first hydrogen vehicle hit the markets and was available for consumers in the North American market, an effort that was a culmination of two decades of research into hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Since then, over 6,600 Mirai have been sold or leased in California making it the most popular fuel cell vehicle on the road today.

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