Toyota and Cummins Testify at Senate Energy

On March 16, 2021 two representatives of Hydrogen Forward member companies delivered a testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Tony Satterthwaite, Vice Chairman of Cummins, and Robert Wimmer, Energy and Environmental Research Group, Toyota North America, both delivered testimonies on the importance of hydrogen in the clean energy transition and decarbonization of industries.

Satterthwaite noted that hydrogen technologies are ripe for government and industry investment in innovation, highlighting Cummins investments throughout the entire hydrogen value chain. Additionally, he said that pilot programs to achieve scale and bring down cost for hydrogen and fuel cells should be launched by the Department of Energy in regions like the Gulf Coast with low-cost hydrogen already deployed for refining purposes, or in closed ecosystems with pressing air quality concerns like the Port of LA. His opening remarks begin at timestamp 00:28:40 and his submitted testimony can be found here.

Wimmer emphasized the importance of battery electric vehicles, but said that too often this electrification leaves out other electric vehicles such as hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. These, along with other forms of cleaner fuel sources, all help in the pursuit of lower carbon outputs. He noted that technology-inclusive policies will provide more Americans with more electrified options and will likely achieve greater GHG benefits as a result. A policy will have the greatest immediate impact on sales if consumer purchase incentives are included and structured to promote all electrified vehicles, allowing customer choice. He added that incentives for infrastructure development and fuel production are also need to reduce fuel costs and accelerate the use of low-carbon feedstocks. His opening remarks being at timestamp 00:34:05 and his submitted testimony can be found here.

Read more on the hearing and see full archived webcast here.