SWITCH Maritime Completes First-Ever Hydrogen Fueling of Maritime Vessel in US

SWITCH Maritime is pleased to announce the world’s first hydrogen fueling of a commercial marine vessel was successfully completed on November 18th at All American Marine shipyard, and the vessel is now beginning its final sea trials before delivery. The event is monumental step towards decarbonization of the worldwide shipping industry and showcases the United States’ energy transition away from fossil fuels.

Launched in August at All American Marine shipyard in Bellingham, Washington, the Sea Change is a 70-foot catamaran ferry designed by Incat Crowther, equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system from ZEI, which includes 360kW of fuel cells from Cummins and 242kg of hydrogen storage tanks from Hexagon Purus, and a 600kW electric propulsion system from BAE Systems which includes 100kWh of lithium-ion battery storage from XALT. The construction management was led by the Hornblower Group. Having successfully performed the first hydrogen fueling, the Sea Change is now performing final operational sea trials prior to delivery from the shipyard and before starting operations in the California Bay Area in Q1 2022.

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