Shell Ventures: Celadyne selected for investment for hydrogen research

Celadyne Technologies, a spinout from the University of Texas, received an investment from Shell Ventures last week (15th April) for its progress in improving hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers.

The main aim of the start-up is to make fuel cells and electrolysers more viable to power everything from long-haul trucks and drones to large-scale industrial processes.

Making both of these solutions more accessible it means that the transition to zero-carbon emission technology will be accelerated with more effective fuel cells and electrolysers tailored to hydrogen applications.

To achieve this, Celadyne created a membrane that can operate at higher temperatures than traditional variants and does not rely on high humidity speeding up the key chemical reactions for power fuel cells and electrolysers and creating a path toward cheaper, smaller and more efficient devices.

Traditional membranes can operate only at temperatures of 80 degrees or less. Celadyne’s proton exchange membranes double that operational temperature, and they can operate independent of humidity.

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