New tax credits are best option to spur clean hydrogen, Resources for the Future analysis finds

Linda Dempsey, vice president of public affairs for ammonia producer CF Industries, said that the production of cost-effective clean hydrogen in the U.S. “is critical to bring forward environmental jobs and benefits,” and to achieving the company’s own 2050 decarbonization goal. However, she noted that the U.S. is lagging with respect to clean hydrogen investment.

“We see hydrogen investment in the EU, Asia, and even Australia and New Zealand outpacing North America,” Dempsey said, a trend she attributed to the presence of government policies that have created a sense of stability for the hydrogen industry in those regions.

Dempsey also said that if the U.S. does not take action to keep pace, the U.S. could lose the jobs and economic benefits associated with clean hydrogen production to other nations.

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