New hydrogen fuel plant in Nevada launches greater role for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in zero-emission transportation mix

Air Liquide, an international industrial gas company, projects their new hydrogen plant in North Las Vegas will finish construction in November of this year. Although hydrogen production plants have been in existence for years, mostly for industrial and refinery purposes, Air Liquide’s plant will be the first of its kind to direct its hydrogen gas toward the transportation fuel market.

“[Hydrogen production] is very much built around the industrial use of hydrogen: things like refineries, electronics, agricultural products and not really as an energy vector or transportation fuel,” said Dave Edwards, director and advocate for hydrogen energy at Air Liquide. “The project in Nevada is our first large-scale investment specifically for these new markets in the US. This hydrogen is not for the traditional industrial markets, but rather for the mobility and transportation fuel market that is mostly on the west coast.”

The hydrogen plant is expected to become operational by early 2022, producing hydrogen that will serve as fuel for light and heavy-duty vehicles in the transportation sector. When hydrogen gas is used as a fuel, its output of water vapor means its carbon-emissions are at zero. But in order to produce hydrogen as a gas, these plants traditionally use natural gas in a steam-methane process to produce it.

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