Liquid hydrogen seen as ‘holy grail’ for hydrogen uptake in mobility sector: Linde COO

Industrial gas and chemicals company Linde sees liquid hydrogen as the “holy grail” for unlocking hydrogen use in the mobility sector, COO Sanjiv Lamba said Nov. 16.

A world leader in hydrogen liquefaction technology, Linde operates a $2 billion hydrogen business with aims to quadruple its hydrogen divisions within the next 15 years, Lamba said during a webinar hosted by Goldman Sachs. And liquid hydrogen will be a big part of that direction, he said.

“All mobility today uses gaseous hydrogen only,” he said. “Even where we set up liquid refueling centers, in the end what we actually fill in the tank of the car or bus or truck is still gas. There is development ongoing looking at moving that to liquid, and obviously it comes with some complexity.”

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