Leading CEO’s Ask Newsom to Dedicate $500 Million in Hydrogen Infrastructure Funds as Part of Zero Emission Vehicle Plan

In a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, executives of 25 multi-national companies today called for major new investments in hydrogen infrastructure in the Golden State.

“At this still early stage in market development, the signal California sends on hydrogen will impact private investment decisions. But in the medium- to long-run, hydrogen must and will stand on its own legs and be viable without external support,” wrote the executives in their letter to the governor.

They noted, “The early stages of any technology curve must have some support, much as was seen in the early days of wind and solar power.”

“This is the dawn of an entirely new, clean and domestic power source made to serve the energy and transportation markets. We look forward to partnering with you and your Administration on its development and look forward to working together to achieve our shared goals,” they wrote.

Specifically, the companies called on Governor Newsom to boost funding in the state’s Clean Transportation Program reauthorization. They asked the Governor to direct the California Energy Commission to dedicate $500 million of the $1 billion to hydrogen fuel infrastructure to serve the light-duty, transit and heavy-duty vehicle markets.

Signing the letter were officials from ToyotaHyundaiBMW, ShellChevronAmerican Air Liquide Holdings, BallardBayo TechFaureciaHexagon PurusNel-AmericasNikola MotorPlug PowerPowerTap Hydrogen Fueling CompanyTrue ZeroCellcentricCumminsLinde122 WestBlack and VeatchMann + HummelChartIwataniToyota Tsusho, and Ways 2 H.

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