Kentucky to be home to Toyota’s new fuel cell modules facility

The automaker will make the components for hydrogen powered heavy duty commercial trucks.

Toyota has announced that it will be making hydrogen fuel cell modules at its huge Kentucky auto-assembly plants.

Toyota has been among the major players among automakers producing H2 powered vehicles.

The Japanese automaker has been seeking to commercialize hydrogen electric vehicles for decades. This is nothing necessarily new for Toyota. That said, this effort has greatly expanded in recent years. Now, it will be broadening its production by adding fuel cell modules to the Kentucky plant. These components will be used in zero-emission heavy duty commercial vehicles and long-haul trucks.

The automaker will be establishing a dedicated line at the facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. According to the company, these electrochemical devices will begin production in 2023. They are dual fuel cells and produce 160 kilowatts of continuous electricity. They are incorporated into the vehicle propulsion system along with hydrogen tanks, electric motors, and a high-powered battery, all of which are supplied by partner companies.

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