Hyundai Nexo breaks world record for longest distance travelled in a FCEV

The world record for the longest distance travelled in a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single tank has been broken by a Hyundai Nexo in Australia.

Traveling an impressive 887.5km, according to the Nexo’s own trip computer, the drive exceeded the previous record of 778km set by aeronaut Bertrand Piccard.

Australian Hyundai rally driver Brendan Reeves is the man behind the latest record, having driven a production-spec Nexo from the Essendon Fields in Melbourne.

After 807km of efficiency-focused driving, Reeves arrived in Broken Hill with plenty range still showing on the vehicle’s trip computer.

The journey then continued to Silverton, an outback town on the outskirts of Broken Hill, best known as the setting for 1980s post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max 2, and the car then travelled some 60km beyond before the Nexo’s hydrogen tank was depleted on the Wilangee road beyond Eldee Station.

During the trip the Nexo consumed a total of 6.27kg of hydrogen, at a rate of 0.706kg/100km. It purified 449,100 litres of air on the journey – enough for 33 adults to breathe in a day.

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