Hyundai: Leading the way for hydrogen-powered SUVs in the US

Offering the only hydrogen-powered SUV in the US market, Hyundai Motor Company prides itself in its commitment to clean energy and fuel cell stack technology.

Hyundai started its commitment to hydrogen around 21 years ago, right at the turn of the century, and since that point the vehicle manufacturer has not looked back.

The NEXO, Hyundai’s latest fuel cell vehicle offering, was launched in 2019 and has since taken the Californian market by storm, with approximately 400-500 units running in the sunshine state right now.

Speaking to H2 View in a recent interview about the company’s hydrogen activities, Derek Joyce, Senior Manager, Product and Advanced Powertrain PR at Hyundai, said, “Right now, all of them [NEXO FCEVs} are in California. The main consumer focus is California because that’s where there are about 50 stations in operation.

“In 2019 we brought out the NEXO fuel cell, which was a vastly improved program and that’s a dedicated platform. That vehicle is a much finer product in terms of integration. It’s a very luxurious vehicle, very quiet, very refined ride, excellent range.

“The most impressive thing about the NEXO is it’s 380 miles of range in the US EPA standard. That’s the good thing about fuel cells, extended range and that’s what the consumers want.”

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