Hyundai, Kia and Next Hydrogen to explore advanced alkaline water electrolysis technology

Hyundai Motor and Kia will collaborate with Next Hydrogen to develop a new, innovative advanced alkaline water electrolysis system with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) unveiled today (July 8).

The groups collectively believe that this will bolster efforts to develop a global hydrogen society through cost-effective production of clean hydrogen.

Under the agreement, the companies will jointly develop the water electrolysis system in addition to its related stack for the purpose of generating green hydrogen in a cost-effective manner and explore new business opportunities and technological applications.

Whilst exploring different ways to produce hydrogen, Next Hydrogen, Hyundai and Kia identified alkaline water electrolysis as technologically one of the most rigorously tested and proven methods.

As well as this, it holds the advantage of being able to produce large-scale hydrogen and use relatively inexpensive catalysts meaning that the price to make hydrogen is lower.

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