Heliogen And Bloom Energy Agreement Signals The Start Of The Hydrogen Age

Today, Heliogen and Bloom Energy (BE) announced a partnership to produce “green hydrogen” – a powerful industrial energy source – using only concentrated solar power and water.

This news is exciting to me as I believe hydrogen to be the world’s best candidate to solve what Bill Gates calls “The 75% Problem”: three-fourths of all emissions are related to agricultural, industrial, and other hard-to-decarbonize processes.

High heat and cheap electricity produced using Heliogen’s innovative AI-powered concentrated solar power (CSP) arrays provide the energy that allows Bloom’s highly efficient solid oxide electrolyzers to produce hydrogen at very low cost.

While this announcement means that Heliogen and Bloom have solved part of the problem to transitioning to a zero-carbon world, I believe other companies will need to pick up the baton to sort out the engineering difficulties involved from storing, moving, and using pure hydrogen as an industrial fuel source.

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