Heavy-duty trucks could be the earliest adopters of hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, says Cummins

Hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, or ICEs for short, will add “significant momentum” to the deployment of zero-emission commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks could be the earliest adopters of such technology, Cummins told H2 View.

Mobility is a sector benefitting considerably from hydrogen, with the clean energy carrier sporting longer distances and zero emissions; it is often seen as a perfect complement to battery electric vehicles.

Perhaps the most exciting technology bubbling in the mobility sector is hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines, with interest around the subject skyrocketing in recent months.

And for US industrial firm Cummins, this has been no exception. In July, Cummins revealed it had begun testing of a new internal combustion engine that can use green hydrogen fuel.

Amy Davis, Vice-President and President of New Power at Cummins, confirmed to H2 View Cummins has successfully established initial proof-of-concept and is now accelerating the programme ahead.

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