First of Toyota’s Latest Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle “Mirai” Makes a Debut in Lancaster, California

In partnership with the City of Lancaster, Lex Heslin, Senior Project Developer at Hitachi Zosen Inova, the Swiss/Japanese energy and engineering firm, was the first of a lucky handful of motorists to take delivery of the new 2021 “Mirai” Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) in the United States this month. Heslin is currently working with the City of Lancaster to advance its plans to become the first Hydrogen City and expand the hydrogen electric vehicle market.

This latest model of Mirai, which means “future” in Japanese, is built on the rear-wheel drive GA-L platform of the larger Lexus LS sedan. This allows for increased hydrogen storage, bringing the car’s Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)-estimated range to over 300, a 30 percent increase over the first-generation front-wheel drive Mirai. The fuel cell system has also been redesigned to offer more power delivered to the 20-inch alloy wheels.

“The Mirai is proof that hydrogen works,” said Heslin.  “It has a much longer range than any of the current electric vehicles (EVs), and takes only minutes to fill up compared to charging batteries, which can take hours. California currently has 45 hydrogen (H2) filling stations. That number will increase to 100 in 2023, with plans to top 1,000 stations by 2030.”

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