F3 chat: Hydrogen as a fuel is finding new supporters

VIDEO- FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Hydrogen’s promise: Is an omelet finally replacing the chicken and the egg?

DETAILS: The dilemma of making and using hydrogen as a clean energy source is finally escaping the just-around-the-corner pledge that has plagued nature’s most abundant element for decades. Even nonbelievers in H2 are getting on board as hydrogen-powered fuel cells find investors in all modes of transportation.

SPEAKER: Amy Davis is the president of Cummins Inc.’s New Power segment.

BIO: Davis leads Cummins’ fifth and newest business segment, which pioneers and manufactures emerging and cutting-edge alternative power technologies. With a team of more than 800 innovators across four continents, she pushes the boundaries of technology, accelerating the possibilities of electrified, fuel cell and hydrogen products in commercial and industrial markets.

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