Cummins: hydrogen ICE to take off from 2024

The global trucking industry is exploring a wide range of technologies to clean up emissions. Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell systems have been dominating headline space, but there is also scope for alternatives like natural gas or the hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) along the way.

Engine specialist Cummins is closely monitoring the trends at work and maintaining a range of solutions for its commercial vehicle customers. While the supplier takes a powertrain-agnostic approach to emissions reduction, it falls to Jim Nebergall as General Manager of the Hydrogen Engine Business to steer its global efforts in commercialising hydrogen-fuelled ICE specifically. “There is interest here because the technology is low cost in nature and represents a zero-carbon option,” he says. “On the whole, it offers a significant boost for the decarbonisation of commercial vehicles with a technology that customers understand.”

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