Cummins: Collaboration between industry and policy makers is vital to unlocking the hydrogen economy

H2 View caught up with Bruno Forget, Global Business Development & Sales Director of Hydrogen Electrolyser Technologies at Cummins to find out what he’s looking forward to from the event and to get his take on the current challenges to fuel cell adoption.

Cummins is part of the Hydrogen Forward Coalition. For any readers who may be unfamiliar with the group, can you give us a quick recap of who the Hydrogen Forward Coalition is, what it’s aiming to achieve and why it’s so important?

Hydrogen Forward is a joint initiative of eight companies committed to advancing hydrogen for a cleaner, stronger US economy. The coalition works in concert with allies across industries and sectors to educate decisionmakers and other stakeholders on the value hydrogen delivers today and the important role that it should play in our future. Our diverse coalition is made up of companies committed to decarbonization and active across the full hydrogen value chain: Air Liquide, Anglo American, CF Industries, Cummins Inc., Hyundai, Linde, Shell, and Toyota. Hydrogen Forward supports the establishment of a national hydrogen strategy that outlines a clear, comprehensive approach to hydrogen and related infrastructure development. Such an approach will accelerate the energy transition, reinforce the US energy economy and climate leadership, and enable rapid, large-scale adoption of hydrogen solutions. Above all, Hydrogen Forward and our member companies are focused on efforts that drive decarbonization of the US economy. We believe that policies should activate a diverse array of decarbonisation technologies, including hydrogen, that work together to accelerate the energy transition. Read the rest of the interview from H2 View here.