Bloom Energy to test nuclear energy for hydrogen production in Idaho

Bloom Energy will test the generation of hydrogen powered by nuclear energy in Idaho with a new agreement with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) today (May 18).

The carbon-free hydrogen will be obtained through electrolysis that will be powered by nuclear generation, when the electric grid has ample power, rather than shutting down power the electricity generate will be used to produce cost-effective hydrogen.

Bloom Energy’s high temperature electrolyser will be utilised with a higher efficiency compared to low-temperature variants helping to reduce the amount of electricity needed to produce hydrogen.

The steam that will supply the electrolyser will be generated by the thermal energy produced by the nuclear power plant bolstering the overall efficiency of hydrogen production further.

INL will test Bloom Energy’s electrolysers at the Dynamic Energy Testing and Integration Laboratory in Idaho where the researchers can simulate steam and load following conditions as if it were already integrated with a nuclear power station.

These simulations will then provide the opportunity to test model operations in a controlled environment.

Tyler Westover, Hydrogen and Thermal Systems Group lead at INL, said, “The high-temperature electrolysers take advantage of both the thermal and the electrical power that are available at nuclear power plants.

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