An interview with Cummins

From being one of the first in its industry to publish a sustainability report to being front and centre of the hydrogen movement today, Cummins a global technology leader steeped in environmental consciousness and solutions.

For over a century, Cummins has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing a broad portfolio of power solutions, from diesel, natural gas, hybrid, electric, and fuel cell powertrains, to powertrain components and now electrolysers for hydrogen generation. Its products cover many different market segments, including buses, trucks, marine, mining, agriculture and power generation.

Hydrogen power is at the forefront of that portfolio today, particularly so since the acquisition of Hydrogenics in 2019, and builds on a focus on sustainability that has endured for many years already. Cummins is one of many high-profile members of the Hydrogen Council and Amy Adams, Vice-President of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies at Cummins, told H2 View in an exclusive interview, “We are a 101-year old company and since our founding, Cummins has always been at the forefront of social justice, environmental sustainability and technology development. We are very comfortable driving change to push forward issues we care about.”

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