A week with the hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Nexo

What’s like to run on a fuel cell vehicle as your only car? Enjoyable and surprisingly easy in the short answer, albeit with refuelling being something of an obstacle.

Fast forward to later this decade, and an expanded network of hydrogen stations could make this technology more viable for passenger vehicles, joining the rising number of buses already in service and the promise of FCV heavy truck fleets.

The press test car’s registration plate gives the game away, along with a Fuel Cell badge but other than that, there’s nothing much more to tell anyone that the Nexo runs on hydrogen. It emits an electronic noise when the start button I pressed. When switched off, the message ‘powering down’ shows up ahead of the driver, and toward the back of the car, what sounds like a quiet hand dryer briefly activates. Other than that, this could be any EV. There’s the same near-silence, good acceleration and, alas, a touch of range anxiety.

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