Moving Hydrogen Forward means more jobs as we work to solve climate change

Hydrogen Forward is a coalition of companies across the value chain that are working to ensure hydrogen is a key contributing solution in the energy transition. The coalition works in concert with allies across industries and sectors to educate decisionmakers and stakeholders on the value hydrogen delivers today and the important role that it should play in our future.

Accelerating the adoption of hydrogen solutions and related infrastructure across the U.S will help the country achieve climate goals while also building a resilient economy with new, well-paying jobs. To achieve national decarbonization goals, the country needs a strategy that promotes renewables, carbon capture technology, and long-term energy storage across industries and sectors. Hydrogen can help by enabling large-scale, efficient renewable energy integration into the power grid, utilizing existing pipeline infrastructure to distribute energy across sectors and geographies – and at the same time, investing in related infrastructure can help build back the economy to be more resilient and decarbonized.

This coalition is focused on efforts that drive decarbonization of the U.S. economy. We support the establishment of a national hydrogen strategy that outlines a clear, comprehensive approach to hydrogen and related infrastructure development. And we believe that policies should activate a diverse array of decarbonization technologies, including hydrogen, that can work in sync with each other through the energy transition.

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